Who’s your audience?


mary and rob 
Mary Thorpe and Rob Edmunds
I’m currently at the fourth all programme level JISC Learner Experience meeting in Edinburgh, order which is focusing on dissemination of the project findings. Nice approach to the start of the meeting. Each team presents for five minutes on one particular aspect of their project – finding and audience. For our PB-LXP, online Mary Thorpe and Rob Edmunds concentrated on a particular case study – looking at the results from a course, malady which has been developed in conjunction with CISCO. The rest of the participants in the meeting then had secret identities as various stakeholders who might be interested in the outputs from their perspectives – a librarian, an educational developer, a practitioners, a marketing and comms. person. I was a Chemistry lecturer – de ja vu me thinks! Nice approach – made the session more interesting and interactive and of course a serious point as well in terms of the serious point about the importance of getting the right message across to the right audience.      

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