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I’ve had some interesting replies to my question ‘What’s the point of conferences?’. ‘Beer’ was Martin’s suggestion - thanks for that Martin ;-) Sarah came up with a nice summary which I think will resonate with alot of people!   

For me, it is about networking - finding people who can help me or I can help - opportunities for collaboration or ‘just’ chances to make new professional friendships. I’m afraid, it’s also an opportunity for self-promotion and to put something on my CV - increasing my research outputs. Finally, its a legitimate reason for getting a few days to myself away from my family!!   

It will be interesting to see what effect - if any! - the conference blog we’ve set up for Edmedia has.  Ps. I hope my family don’t read this post, I could be in *big* trouble….

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  1. Karyn Romeis Says:

    Tony Karrer has been looking at , too.

  2. Karyn Romeis Says:

    Tony Karrer has been looking at related matters, too.

  3. Gráinne Says:

    Excellent thanks Karyn!

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