Learning in the near future

What will learning look like in a few years time? How will new technologies transform learning? These are questions which have probably always been around to some extent in education, but have become more prevalent in recent years since the Internet began to have a significant impact and with the recent changes due to the increasing role of web 2.0 technologies. I really liked John Seely Brown’s recent keynote at the Openlearn conference and note an interesting recent Educause article by John and Richard Adler on Learning 2.0. In the article they talk about the shift from a cartesian view of learning to one based more on social learning, as well as shifting from ‘learning about’ to ‘learning to be’. I particularly like some of the concluding remarks:

We need to construct shared, distributed, reflective practicums in which experiences are collected, vetted, clustered, commented on, and tried out in new contexts. One might call this “learning about learning,” a bootstrapping operation in which educators, along with students, are learning among and between themselves. This can become a living or dynamic infrastructure—itself a reflective practicum.   

And also the follow diagram which resonates with many of the philosophies inherent in the work we are doing at the OU on OpenLearn, a new project SocialLearn and so dear to my own heart the stuff we are doing on Learning Design.




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