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Sarah Stewart is undertaking an interesting month of daily challenges for her blog - lots of interesting posts about this, but I particularly like her advice picked up from Michele Martin on reasons for blogging:

  • blog to add value to yourself
  • think about the process, not the finished product
  • do not fixate on getting huge audience, but rather concentrate on developing quality relationships with readers [sounds like ‘quality parent time this one…]
  • don’t be afraid to make mistakes

On our new course which has just started - H809 - it’s great to see people beginning to set up and use their blogs. There has already been some interesting discussion about the worth (or not) of blogging in a learning context and its relationship to other dialogic mechanisms. I will be really interested to see how the debate develops around the course, for the students individually as a reflective tool, between the student and also more widely - with the tutors, course team and the blogosphere more  generally. Is the use of blogs for learner purposes any different from its use in other circumstances - such as part of a research community??

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  1. Sarah Stewart Says:

    I am attempting to get my postgraduate midwifery students interested in blogging as a way of building a community of support and resources, although it is not part of any course requirements. I will also be very interested in seeing how your students get on. Of course, one has to remember that the #1 Day Blog Challenge was the brain child of Darren Rouse who is a professional blogger, who has the aim of blogging to make money - a very different ball game to why we blog. cheers Sarah

  2. Advice.TV Says:

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