Mapping methods to approaches


eric de graaf


In his keynote at the ELC-NET conference in Zurich, pilule Eric de Graaf from Delft considered the changing nature of Virtual Learning Environments. He included an interesting graph which mapped “Student controlled vs. Teacher controlled” on the vertical axes and “Content orientated vs. problem orientated” on the horizontal axes. He then mapped different kinds of activities within the four quadrants – with traditional lectures etc. sitting in the bottom left hand quadrant compared with more problem-based or project orientated approaches on the top right. Although obviously a simplification, this provides a useful visual tool, which might be useful to help teachers/designers when they are making decisions about creating learning activities. It has a lot of similarities to Steven Warburton’s more complex 2-D map of tools and approaches and to similar work we have done mapping tools in use against the learning framework we developed. As I have said before any tools which help teachers/designers think differently have got to be a good thing, but then I have always been a bit of a sucker for graphs and 2/3-D models! ;-)   

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