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Members of COMPASS and associated projects
I’ve been out and about alot this week and hence the relative silence on the blog front. I spent monday at South Bank University in my role as critical friend to four of the HE Academy pathfinderprojects. South Bank’s approach is to assess where staff currently are in terms of their use and understanding of ICT through a skills audit. They then plan to map skills to roles and identify the range of support mechanisms which might be needed to address any perceived gaps. I spent the morning with Helen George, Ruth Brown and Robert Kenny who are part of the core team, talking through progress to date. They have carried out an online ICT skills  audit which has given them an initial feel for skills levels, but they are now working alongside a range of current teaching innovation projects to explore the use of technologies and associated support mechanisms in more depth. It was great to get the opportunity to meet up with some of the people involved in these projects and it hear what they were doing and what the key issues were for them.  The picture below is a poster that Ruth Brown recently gave at a conference in South Africa outlining what the project is doing. Further information on the project is available from their blog

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