Discover DCU



Yesterday I attended a meeting about Discover DCU. Discover DCU is a resource to help new students orientate to DCU. It consists of a series of 8 short interactive courses designed to help students settle in and introduce them to the tools and skills needed to succeed at university. It is available from out Moodle platform Loop. The 8 courses are:


  • Discover your DCU
  • Discover your community
  • Discover technology
  • Discover organisational skills
  • Discover study skills
  • Discover research skills
  • Discover assignment writing
  • Discover exam success

The courses are visually engaging and include student testimonials, interactive exercises and summaries. Students who complete the courses can count them towards our DCU engagement award. The statistics are impressive: 1800 individual course completions to date, 707 unique students attempted at least one of the courses, 92 % is the average completion rate and 70 students have completed all 8 courses. 22 % of the students are from Open Education. The feedback has been positive, including:


  • I feel much more relaxed and comfortable now entering DCU as I know what to expect
  • I am a mature student returning to uni again! I wish my former uni had provided such information back in 1990! Well done DCU this is super!
  • As a distance learner I won’t be in the community physically. It did however make me feel a part of things


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