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Technology impact

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Just been asked the following question:

What are the most effective uses of mobile and online technologies in education?

Here is my answer… 

For me mobile and online technologies have transformed my practice as a learner, no rx teacher and researcher in a number of ways. Firstly, patient social media mean that I am now part of a global, pharm distributed network of peers, able to communicate and share on a wide range of topics. I can pose a question on Twitter and get answers in minutes, I can support Phd students with their research questions, I can share research findings and discuss the findings of others. Secondly, my blog has transformed the way I research – the way I think and the way I write, I truly value the comments that colleagues make and the feeling of being part of a connected community of peers. Finally, new tablet devices, like the iPad mini, mean I can connect and browse anywhere, anytime, through a rich set of interactive and communicative Apps. Technologies continue to evolve - wearable and seamless technologies are now becoming a reality. I cannot conceive what the impact of these will be on our daily lives; I can only say that I think they will be profound and, if used effectively, will certainly enhance our learning and the learning of our students.